When do you think the pandemic will end?
We are currently in a world-wide pandemic thar started due Covid-19. It first hit China hard in Jamuary. Once March came along, many first world countries started shelter in place orders. We are now living in a new normal of social distancing. Human interactions have temporary changed.

When will the pandemic end? How will things go back to normal?

I believe this can only end once a widely available vaccine is produced.  Even then , antivaxxer sentiments will most likrly cause the pandemic to lasts months longe than necessary. We stil have flare ups from time to time due to ignorance and laziness. ⁰

It will never end because we became too scared

Next year probably around March is my guess

will not end

Mid of next year

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Probably in 2021 or 2022

I thinks the world will be changed forever but we will go back to work soon... for now enjoying leaks

Definitely way past this fall and potentially spring? An optimistic time at this point is Fall 2021

mid next year maybe

hopefully tommrow =), when vaccine is out i guess

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I think it will be like spanish flu will last 3-5 years because some wont listen cover up to help get rid of it

maybe never

I think Covid is here to stay as long there is no vaccine and/or a long time immunity and if it is one day gone it wont be the last time we see a new illnes to find the way to a human host

probably when a stable vaccine arrives then there is literally no reason to

hope it ends soon 2022 maybe

A lot of people are saying 2-3 years

The pandemic in 1,5 years and then in 11 years we will be rid of this COVID-19 variant

Next summer is my best guess. Who knows though

I would say in about 1 more year

I really think in 2022, and social distance might be a long ways away before it truly goes away, such is the nature of communicable diseases, especially one that is hampered by the increasing need to politically divide the world.