When should we start donating Vaccines to 3rd world?
Just that really. I think we should get every vulnerable sorted out then think about getting the global vulnerable safe. Thoughts?

They already are vaccinating the US.

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ASAP. everyone needs it if they choose to take it of course

when more than half of the US doesn't even trust the government with long-researched cures for disease ala Anti-Vaxxers... 3rd world countries ain't getting shit for a COVID-19 cure. facts suck.

as soon as we have the resources to spare. shouldn't be a half assed effort, though

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As soon as herd immunity is reached

I think as soon as everyone 16+ who wants to be has been vaccinated. Its basically harmless for younger than that anyways. So pretty soon

The 3rd world nations can afford them, it's just that money tends to be kept at the top, which is why they're 3rd world and not first.

Whenever the masses are finished, we should move to more isolated places later on.

I think a few countries are already getting those via an WHO program, I think I read it was the AstraZeneca ones, as they are also one of the cheapest and easier to distribute.

When should we start donating Porn to 3rd world ?

The faster the better for all of us.

ASAP. Hard to morally justify vaccinating e.g. 45 year olds (covid mortality rate of 0.4%) here, when in other parts of the world there are unvaccinated 75 year olds (covid mortality rate of 15%).
Happily, I think vaccine production is ramping up all the time, and the cost is not actually that high on the scale of things (for the wealthier countries to fund vaccines for the rest of the world would cost a tiny fraction of the losses caused by coronavirus so far), so I think the third world should get vacinated fairly quickly even if the first world heavily prioritises its own people. 
I suppose the real danger then is new variants rendering existing vaccines obsolete, but even if that does happen we'll have much more vaccine infrastructure in place, so would hopefully be able to churn out a new one fairly quickly.