Where buy my Vr games ?
I have a oculus quest 2, so i don't where buy my game. If i buy it on steam i can have acesse to the workshop or mod (lile beatsaber) or i buy it on oculus but i can play it everywhere i want so what is the best for you ?

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steam has a huge library, go for it



Steam is the best option if you ask me.

Steam is the most versatile and is platform agnostic. If you end up buying a headset from another brand in the future you’ll still have all your games on steam. That being said, games will run the most headache free if you buy them on the Oculus store. No need to figure out airlink or other to get it streaming from your pc to quest.

Like the others mentioned, steam.
Oculus store is more for on the go games(obviously) but theres always a risk of loosing that quest library of games you might hace payed $200 for, because you know.... Facebook.