Where's one place you've always wanted to visit?
So I know international travel is sorta of locked down but where is one place that you have always wanted to travel to? 

For me i think its Japan.

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Me too! Japan -Kyoto, Tokyo



The WW1 trenches and the German Cemetary there.

So im guessing you mean europe when referring to the trenches. Any place in particular?

Been to Japan, NZ for me.

South Korea would be cool from what I've heard

Morocco and Japan

I had a roommate who visited morocco. He said the like blue city is really cool.

japan without a doubt

Japan seems to be the winner here.

New Zealand would be amazing to see, also Iceland


+1 for New Zealand

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New Zealand does sound nice. Only heard great things about it. Definitely needs to be added to my must visit list.

+1 new zealand