Which FPS game would you recommend to play?
Im mainly a MOBA player but recently been getting back to playing CSGO but it seems like the game isn't getting much love anymore (longer queue times and what not).  I want to start playing more fps because there's not much else for me to do inside the house tbh.  Which FPS game would you recommend?

I think I would recommend based on what you said that you might like Valorant its a new game from Riot they tried making a fps game with abillitiys at the moment its in beta but sure u can get your hands on the beta easy Smile

Deffo Warzone, tonne of fun but you deffo need a squad of at least 3, if not the multiplayer is still super solid and fun!

Battlefield franchise man!

Call of duty for mindless run and gun action

Moba feel go with Overwatch

Overwatch is probably the best for MOBA action yeah

Rainbow Six Siege if you have the patience for it

Overwatch, best MOBA out there currently Smile

Rainbow six is amazing, but the learning curve is incredibly high for new players. As a vet, it easily rivals CS:GO for complexity and skill ceiling. Compared to counter-strike, gun skill is much less important. If you wanna stick with CS though, I recommend playing on client like faceit or ESEA. On faceit I can find games within 30 seconds its really a great experience too without the cheaters.

Gotta go with team fortress 2 my dude

Warzone, either solo or squad, and BF

You can always try Quake Live, its a remake of the OG quake and its pretty fun with tons of room to improve

rainbow six siege is the best for me

Warzone if you enjoy BRs. Check out valorant if you think you'd enjoy overwatch + csgo mixed together

I recommend TF2, it's free and the community is cool

1. Valorant- it is also made by riot
2. cod warzones- the warzone is free but big file size

CSGO, crossfire , call of duty , battlefield

apex legends maybe ?

CS Global Offensive