Which do you prefer for your favorite series? Anime or Manga?
Me It depends always in the series, so I always judge this not generally but indiviually

For example, Berserk is so Much better in the manga

And Sangatsu no Lion's Anime is so well adapted!

You're completely right, March comes in like a lion had a great atmosphere and the anime was great.

I'm thinking that anime is super lively so I'd rather watch something like FMA in color and action.

I think it really depends on the time of year. I think having a healthy appreciation of both is something refreshing, but I think I lean more anime.

Anime for sure you just don't get the same excitement in fight scenes from a manga

It obviously all comes down to how the manga is adapted, for instance in moonlit fantasy I prefer the manga, simply because the anime dumbed down alot of the characters.

I really love cowboy bebop, but I know that its alot different that what anime is today. Gurren Lagan also has a special place in my heart.

100% manga!