Who is someone alive today who will be remembered in 500 years?
Easy, Trump, olichan's favorite president.

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Joe Rogan. Man has created a whole subculture honestly.

Man 500 years is a long long time. A lot of stuff can leave the social consiousness. So to be remembered you would really have to be influential. My guess is probably like some tech guy, either Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, or Elon Musk.

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Maybe the person who starts the next world war, no doubt they will drop an insane amount of bombs on some unsuspecting country and it will all kick off

Quote:Joe Rogan. Man has created a whole subculture honestly.

Legend says it that he has created the universe.

I don't know about that

it’s a hard question but the only people I can think of are the large tech company CEO’s/founders like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates

Ascondai, I totally agree. Its gonna be the big tech guys

Political leaders that were catalyst for some big changes in the world

Obama, first black president. Any of firsts in politics

So Camala Harris.

Obama and Elon Musk

People that will facilitate space travel

Alain Badiou

^ who?


Alain Badiou is a French philosopher, formerly chair of Philosophy at the École normale supérieure and founder of the faculty of Philosophy of the Université de Paris VIII with Gilles Deleuze, Michel Foucault and Jean-François Lyotard.

Yeah, not really.