Why did you buy a PC
What's the reason you bought/built your PC?

I personally did it to start gaming with friends but soon it became more about personal projects, like learning to code/building websites etc...

Because I needed one.

For gaming and to help run VMs to for college since my laptop could only run like 1 VM at once

Gaming mostly, but now it's for work.

Quote: Gaming mostly, but now it's for work.
You had to buy your own system for your job?

i only steal pcs tbh

Main reason gaming, second reason hobby, i like to build.

its better than  xbox or ps4

I didn't really give it much thought at the time but pretty sure I wasn't planning to do much with it outside than gaming and the like and that's exactly what I use it for. Maybe watch movies now and then.

mainly bought mine for gaming and stuff

To play Fortnite

gaming and for personal uses