Why do LOL community is so toxic?
as you can see, in every game that you start, have at least one guys that problaby is racist, or homophobic, or just an asshole. i want to know what is your opinion about this, and what ou suggest to chance this...

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i think voice chat would be nice for this case!

people want to be tough guy behind computer screen

Don't think there is a good way to change this unless you have some kind of system like in South Korea, where things are tied to your identity. Would see that making people be more courteous since you would have a larger consequence or impact if your account gets banned/flagged for say future games or other games in general for offenses. Kind of privacy invasive, but it will stop the anonymity that is in the internet that allows this behavior to breed.

I feel like a lot of people go on League to unwind and maybe after a really stressful day they just project everything online.

maybe they get triggered easily XD

maybe team game?

i don’t know but it’s awful

I think a lot of competitive game have a lot of toxic player base, sometime its their way to pent out their frustation

In mobas everyone knows everything and nobody is to blame for the mistakes and this generates a lot of toxicity!

because its competitive game, almost all competitive games have toxic ppl because people just want someone to blame for their bad performance/losing in the game

Yeah, NA does have that issue, along with SEA server

Oceania and JP server seems to be less toxic imo

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Have yall tried to on EUNE tho? Now thats a literal jungle, madness every game

There's a button called "mute", if you don't use it and keep getting harassed, its your fault tbh. Life ain't about rainbows and unicorns.

Honestly I think the community is so toxic because people take the game so seriously. Not that there’s anything wrong with trying to win, but sometimes when you get outplayed without any real mistake on your part a teammate will act like you just spit on their mothers grave or something. A good way to change that would probably to have some part of your rank be determined by individual performance rather than just win/loss

Competitive game that is free with games that take possibly over 45 minutes, so if someone plays poorly, it feels like they individually wasted 45 minutes of your limited time.

I always just mute them all so that I don't have to deal with them

If you can play with friends only, it helps a lot. Of course, that's not always possible. You can just try the casual modes instead until you can get the hang of champs. I played ARAM and bots for like a year back in Season 3 or 4. I wasn't even that good with champs, I just knew most of their abilities and how other champs play. When I finally tried to play a normal against people, I did really good stomping just because I knew how other champs worked.

I have actually found the opposite to be pretty true.  Very few of my games have had truly toxic players.  A few folks who seem to be having a rough day or can't play the One For All champ or something like that, but very rarely someone toxic...  Do you really experience toxic people that often in your games?