Why they don't tell us everything
I've seen a lot of posts asking how many points we get for doing anyway “Thing A” and why do I lose point for doing “Thing B”.  they also asked why they don’t tell us what contribution level we have to hit before we can download the “great content”. 

Short Answer: to stop Leeches and DMCA attempts

Long Answer:
They know what we're here for and they're willing to give it to us and all we have to do is work for it. all you have to do is contribute to the community by making posts and talking to people. This site could easily switch to only leakers can see other leaker's “great content” or you pay for it but they decided for the longevity of the forum to allow people for basically free to get “great content” that could cost over $50. if you come in looking for a certain leak, then make the account, and only post in a leak section you're sort of worthless to the forum/community for you're just going to get what you want and never come back, so yes you will face a penalty for not contributing to the community. (In my opinion if you're new to the forum the Bot should tell you when you cross the point when you're too low in the negatives to receive the “great content” assuming you haven’t hit red negatives yet.)
They don't tell you the hard numbers of what you get for contributing but you will get it. This may seem bad at face value but it protects against leeches and such, If you knew how much you had to contribute to get the “great content” that you wanted you would blindly respond to posts and make forum posts that you don't really care about or ever look back on earned a contribution points needed get the leak and leave. but since you don't know you're gonna work for it and it forces you to learn the community rules and get to know the commuity. it's just like any group or club you can't just come in when they're having a special event and eat the food without “paying your dues”.
Some people might have a problem with the paid system, those people are morons. by them paying it helps the forum more than them just lazily making posts, just to farm points. they pay they get what they want. The forum can pay for services for another month, the leakers get to be able to buy the next month of onlyfans, and we have new content to work for, which keeps us coming back to this site.  
Hope this clarified somethings for new people.


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2 things that would help everybody
1.      can we please have a dedicated hentai/art sub forum think about how many people come looking for it and we don’t have it. (furries are willing to pay a lot)
2.      move porn discussions out of leaks, because as long as there talking about it and not posting it in there it might as well be in the discussion section.

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A well written thread and hopefully more people read this Smile Have some credit to spend Smile
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Yeah I like your second idea a lot. Porn discussion really isn't a "leak" per se, and when someone comments in the leak section they lose contributor level so it would be great to move it out because its really just a discussion.

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I agree, it should be separated

you're right, i think a lot of people get frustrated because they come here while on a porn frenzy then find all these obstacles so they just get pissed. however it's for the greater good and if this forum is to survive these are good measures. i agree with your suggestions especially #2

I think it should be split as well

i think it's probably good that the specific algorithm is kept private otherwise people will simply do the bare minimum to achieve a specific target

Really wish I spent more time looking at the rules. Now I just look foolish

I just found the forum and was trying to figure out what the points were all about and this definitely helped clear it up for me, thanks man! Definitely different than the forums I'm used too, but I think I can appreciate it if it means threads aren't constantly being taken down.

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I'm really tryna earn credits to spend but it takes long anyone know faster methods

Ight thx for clearing this up cuz Im very new to this site

Agreed I was commenting like a dumbass without noticing my contribution level tank

wholeheartedly agree with you!!

Good thread can any help on how to raise contribution tho?

This makes a lot of sense if you don't mind me asking what is a DMCA

Great post - this is one of those things that you only pick up after being on the forum for a while - super helpful in setting context for everyone new to the site!

Ya i agree if they would split it up, it would allow for a way smoother, and better website