Why was the Afghan airport attacked?
So far, people have been getting out of Afghanistan safely.

There weren't many of them either. But what caused the sudden terrorist attack at the Afghan airport?

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I don't understand why they just don't leave the country on their own. US is trying to be world police which shouldn't.

It's so heartbreaking to see those peeps suffer man.

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I think a lot of it makes sense if you think of the taliban as a zealot group that has achieved their goal. They've won, the US is leaving, so now its just a bunch of zealots with weapons and nothing to do. What happens when theres nothing to do? Bored, and bodem with weapons equals well what we got.

Good 'ol false flag. Certain (((agencies))) don't want us to leave Trashcanistan, so they are trying to false flag us into staying.

Quote: US is trying to be world police which shouldn't.
See the Breton Woods agreement, and all of the post-war agreements that were made. They had us do that role because the Brits could no longer do it.

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It is impossible for a normal person to understand a fanatic.

Ask the US ARmy??