Will Valorant kill CSGO?
Tbh Valorant looking real good. Will it be bigger than csgo?

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I dont think it will kill csgo but it will be competetive

Now, I don't think it will "kill". But I do think it will be a decent competitor. See the thing with Riot is that they are very smart when it comes to marketing their products. LoL for example, although it's not my personal favorite, but it is still perceived to be more enjoyable than Dota2. So I think with the right marketing strategies that they usually do, they might shift a large chunk of players to the game but wouldn't kill CSGO

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I don't think it'll kill CSGO but will be its #1 competitor. Expecting Valve to pay more attention to csgo now.

I don't think so, but it look really fun though.

I don't think anything will kill CSGO except Valve's negligence.

i cant see how any game would be able to kill csgo, the series has been around for years and its a highly competitive game with huge tournaments

csgo is a completely different level, valorant will cause a bit of incvenience but people will go back to csgo again

So far it doesn't look like it will kick csgo of its throne. But it is in beta still, so guess we'll have to wait and see.

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CS:go players are too dedicated too it. so it aint gonna happen.

it's a vastly different game, although some of the mechanics are similar.
And csgo players are too invested in skins to leave the game haha

Games different from cs, they'll coexist nicely

Of course not, look at the steam charts. No one will replace csgo mark my words.

doubt it, but will provide some competition

valorant looks good but i know for a fact people who play counter strike typically arent into cartoony games. i love counter strike and its gun play and valorant isnt doing it for me

It won't kill it IMO, but Valorant will take some percentage of the playerbase although not much

Some competition won’t hurt it, but CS has paved the way for competitive shooters and will always be a classic people come back to. Expect Source 2 soon after the valorant release I bet

Valorant has recently completely declined and CSGO is a more edge game