Will the Buccaneers go to the Super Bowl this upcoming season?
Will TB lead TB to a Super Bowl this year? Chiefs v Buccs?

No but they will probably make the playoffs.

brady will definitely make a difference but not super bowl difference imho

There's always a chance! I don't think we'll really know until we see the Bucs play.

My 49ers disagree with that sentiment.

Playoffs yes, Superbowl, no. Having to play a New Orleans defense twice won't be favorable for Brady and Atlanta is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.

TB12 was my QB for a good while growing up here in NE. Good luck with him for those that are Buccaneer fans. Should be interesting to see how he does in a non-Belichick system and guess we will see how each does without each other too. Definitely going to keep an eye out on their games cause I liked Gronk as a player. So will be fun to watch how both teams do.

Probably not all the way to the super bowl.

NFC is a bloodbath during the playoffs so I say nay, but will be fun to watch

I feel like the Bucs may not even make the playoffs. They're definitely overhyped.