Will this be the last god of war series
I love god of war and playing Kratos’s journey through Greek mythology now we see ourselves in Norse mythology the newest game ragnarok will be released for ps5 but I was thinking what could be done after perhaps a series revolving around Egyptian gods as Assassin creed origins had done this seems an interesting concept that could be looked at, are there any others that people would like to see ?

I think one more after ragnarok

I don't think they'll ever truly retire the series,

what Wrangler said. I think Ragnarok will try to be a big, GOAT'd God of War 4 sequel that blows everything else out of the water.

Just seeing how Demon's Souls was brought back to life on the PS5 showed that developers can really open our eyes to some brand new ways to play and explore. That's not even mentioning the visuals, performance, and those sexy adaptive triggers, lmao

I think it will also be a trilogy like the original GoW series and after this i think they will retire the series or at least wait until they can offer something new and fresh like GoW was on PS4.

Oh boy it better be smh

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