Will we see a "blip" in movies being made in the future?
Assuming quarantine does in fact end, will there be a period when no movies are really released since there was such a long break.

i expect they will just release the movies that were scheduled to be released now but are instead on hold - that should give them time to get production going again

A blip in the numbers definitely, but prob not enough to notice unless looking at a graph

Probably not. A lot of stuff was in post-production so those movies will probably be put out. I'm sure a lot of stream exclusives might come to theaters too if they think people will go watch.

Lot of movies refused to release online, so they'll probably come out after the quarantine

Yeah as people said, Im sure there are movies not being released right now and are holding off and a lot of movies are in post production so they can release as a summer block buster.

but who knows depending on how long things are shut down.

i think there will be a blip in everything pretty much right? it will take a while for things to catch up and people will still be scared even after this is over