World Cup Soccer Qatar

Anyone excited about this event? 

I mean sure If you ignore the human cost of building the stadiums and overal corruption. 

Anyone have plans of actually going if it's possible?
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I'm sure the covid situation will be resolved or severely mitigated by 2022, and with the amount of money invested and generated there's no way it won't be attended.

Not excited by the level of play that will be shown by most participants, but it is a nice event to watch with mates and spend some time drinking in a pub. Wont even dream of going, I'll probably get held up in jail down there or some bullshit after a few beers.

Eh i have no hopes for ut

I would love to go, but I think I'll wait until 2026... not a fan of qatar

I'll watch a few games from home with friends, but i certainly prefer us sports. Not sure about the qatar part, their airlines are great and i have yet to visit the country to see for myself.

Good great great ooeti

Not a fan of Qatar either, I hear they will have a ton of restrictions

I'll watch it on my TV and eat a bunch of snacks