Worst game you've played
I don't usually buy obscure games, so the ones i bought usually pretty well known titles. But good gracious, i couldn't even play more than 15 minutes of superman returns. I'm sorry if anyone of you is a fan, but even in my 7 year old's taste i didn't find it entertaining. The controls all jaggy, and I already notice the bad graphics even at the time.

Fallout 76 when it first released, it sucks

Honestly? Most gacha games.
Their mechanics are so exploitive and unrewarding for the most part.

The only one that I feel gives you any fair amount of reward / effort is Azur Lane.

All the others can go to hell.

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i'm gonna piss someone off with this one but phantasy star for the genesis.

what a #@$%ing nightmare that game was. i can't believe i finished it. horrendously hard and the mechanics are trash.