Worst game you've played
Honestly I can't think of a clear worst game. 

Of recent memories the new Sakura wars probably

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A game that I hade super high hopes for was the stand alone game dayz. Since the mod in arma 2 was briliant it couldnt go wrong, but oh what a shit show it was. Poor game developmemt. Early alpha, alpha for the longest time. Scarce with updates. I can go on and on for quite some time

vampire slayer

Hmmmmmm Fortnut.

Recently for me was back 4 blood. Game was pretty mediocre, but then again it was the beta, so hopefully devs fix it up when it comes out.

Dark Souls 2. I only played because its a Soulsgame. The gameplay was clunky and the story mediocre.

Honestly the new Sakura wars lol yeah I agree

probably Hot Pursuit for the Wii

Diablo 3, I don't even know wht

Shellshock 2, was also like 12 and had no idea what was going on a my god though it was a game that i will never forget because of how bad of a time i was having lol

Bad rats. It may have cost me 1 euro but they shouldve paid me for even playing