Worst language?
People always ask what's the best language to know or what's your favorite language or go to programming language etc.... but what's your least favorite?

Java. Nothing else needs to be said about it. Java.

PHP is the absolute worst and so very old. Super out-dated.

Not really a proper language but the autohotkey scripting language is the worst thing ever created by another human being.

Ruby. It took the worse part of Perl, readibility. I hate those one-liners that nobody can read.

^ agreed w all of the above, emphasis on java

Sheesh java haters. What languages do you like then? Maybe Im not sophisticated enough to hate java yet.

In my opinion, Java. It lacks speed, is barely usable on open-source systems (and only through years of toil by the community), and is just too wordy to use reasonably.

Honorable mentions:
Malbolge for being absolutely useless, a pain to learn, and intentionally confusing.
C# for being Microsoft's version of Java, albeit slightly faster and more portable.
R for being good for statistics and nothing else.
Python for being overused and slow. 98% of the time, anything you write is Python has already been done in a better way and published by somebody else.
Kotlin for being Google's version of Java and being the language that Android devs are forced to use.
QTScript for being a fundamentally bad idea and not intending to do anything new.
Awk for not really even being a programming language and requiring tons of special characters.

Personally, I ended up gravitating to Ruby and Crystal because while Ruby is slow, Crystal works around that, they're easy to read and understand (for me, at least), and Ruby has a nice community. Also, cartoon foxes.

100% Java, I agree

Arrow Any like will be much much appreciated guys. Cheers ! Sick

i never thought java was THAT bad

For me it is 100% java