Worst piece of code that worked?

I remember early in my coding days building an app whose code was BUSTED. I couldn’t even really troubleshoot it without breaking it, but it freaking worked. Ever had something like that happen where your code was less than stellar but did the job?
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Probably every assignment i did that had an test case automarker when you submitted to let you know if you were on the right track.
I constantly resubmitted the same buggy code with tiny fixes until i was confident i could get away with at least a 75% on the final grade.

Built a fake napster. scripted everything in the main function, No design or time taken into account. It worked but it was not pretty

Before I learned to use the pandas library I made a analysis using dictionaries.
But like, A SHIT TON of dictionaries
Dictionaries of dictionaries of dictionaries

It worked, but was super slow and took ages to get bugless

I just wanna know how they get the icons to shake and bounce when they are clicked on this forum

Probably my first project in asp net. But yeah i wasnt very much