Would you rather...
Imagine you are a leader of a nation, and now your nation's economy and safety is in danger, so would you rather

have the strongest military force 


be the center of trading (magically have all the resources that other country needs)

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Trade, easy. Let others fight my battles.

100% would rather be the center of trade. You can control better than any strong army

The problem with a strong army is you're usually starving the nation.

You actually need both to survive. If you're the center of tradiing, but your army is the size of the one in Macedonia, then you're gonna get invaded. Build up your economy, make sure your citizens are armed to the teeth, and build up your army as your economy grows, never going into debt to do so. Besides, defenders always have the advantage, as you need a 3:1 minimum advantage to attack a nation.

The EU is going to find out the hard way that being the center of economy while having an army that couldn't even take on Mexico in a fight is bad, bad idea.

Economy will give you a better army at the end of the day than straight up military anyways.

Quote: Economy will give you a better army at the end of the day than straight up military anyways.
Economy will give you the ability to build a better army. But not a single EU nation is using their economy to build a better army. Germany can only get four of their fighter jets combat ready, and they hardly ever train with their rifles. And none of the NATO nations (save for the U.S.) spends at least 2% of their GDP on their military.

Why you have to choose when you can have both.

Trade 100%. Why fight battles with bullets when you can dictate the economy and starve them of resources, they wouldn't be able to fight

I will choose the trade too

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Trade for sure. Think of it like a school yard, would you rather be the bully or the rich kid that everyone wants to kiss their ass.

Strong economy, with money you can do anything, Saudi Arabia now has US army as it mercenary