Would you survive an Apocalypse?
Simple yes/no question. No need to be modest, but please be honest. Do you think you have what it takes to survive a legit apocalyptic event? Do you think you have the necessary survival skills? Are there certain things you think someone should have or do to be successful?

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Not in the slightest, sure give me stuff and I’ll last a week or two, but beyond that I’m done since I lack any skill in something like hunting to get more food.

I could hunt and fish, however preparing the animal for cooking is something I’d have to learn

Nope, I'll explain why, contrary to the movies pretty much everyone who thinks they will survive will likely not depending on what kind of apocalypse you're thinking of. If you're thinking of a zombie apocalypse like I am, it is very, very difficult to hurt a normal human let alone a zombie and most tools that come to mind are in no way helpful whatsoever. e.g. chainsaw, kitchen knife, baseball bat none of these weapons are really designed to put down a zombie and require a lot of training and skill to use them, which almost none of us have because most of our lives thankfully don't involve that kind of thing. Also the fact that cars and nearly everything our society is based on would absolutely fall apart, especially in an apocalypse. Think of your average car, it would be a next to useless piece of junk, because the second you hear of an apocalypse everyone will try to escape to somewhere safe, this means it will be completely impossible to drive anywhere, because especially if the owner bites the dust due to a zombie, their car is going to stay there forever. Driving in zombie movies no way, especially in the city. That said a lot of things in apocalypse scenarios would probably be vastly exaggerated such as everyone being out for themselves and a bandit trying to steal supplies or kill you, humans would probably help each other as much as they could. Pretty much the thing is don't try whatever you've seen in a movie it'll get you killed because movies are for entertainment.

probably not, but i'd like to think i would. this corona thing made me respect apocalypse preppers more than ever because you never know when the world might go to shit. think about how damage corona causes globally and imagine how impactful a bigger catastrophy would be. the grocery/drug stores would be looted empty immediately without hesitation and it would be a very hostile environment amongs the survivors. thinking about this scenario has made me more interested in becoming a prepper myself. it would be nice being self sustainable with growing food at home etc.

Hell no. Honestly I'm probably going out like those people do in the first few minutes of those movies.

Dang, shieba, that's some truth right there, man! I appreciate all of your guys' honesty, too. I'm honestly surprised you all have such a low self-opinion for this sort of thing!

no chance - most people would die of exposure on the first really cold night

I don't think I can last that long, but it also depends on what apocalypse we are talking about here. If it's a zombie, probably have a good chance since my home is pretty good for defending, but like a comment I saw in here, I know how to fish but not prepare, but I do know how to cook, it's like a fair chance, but not sure for how long, I hope it's long enough though haha

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Probably not no, then again most people probably wouldn't.

i like to think so, but honestly, most city folks like me would have a rough time. seems like rural/small town people would have more rounded skills and would cope better. or, people who go camping regularly and would know how to hunt/shelter/set up with clean water, etc.

Hell fucking yeah as I'm a fucking cockroache !

[kiding off] Course not. I'm left handed.

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By myself naw but with a group of people maybe.

cod has trained me well enough

Probably not. I don't have any survival skills and items. My health is not that stellar either xd.

I probably don't have what it takes to survive an apocalypse if it happened ... but it's something I'm interested in learning in the future, right?

Most people say they would off of their knowledge from movies, tv shows, and games, but most people just really aren't as cut out as they think.

Hell no simply because I can not function without my glasses

Probably not, don't have a lot of survivor skills. Pretty fit so i'd be able to run for a bit but eventually i'd tire out and die lol

I know how to build a shelter Big Grin