X-Com series, or any similar RTS
Has anyone honestly gotten through a mission orlf X-Com or any similar game without reloading at least once

Fun is subjective, some people have fun being purists playing on hardcore mode and competing against their own integrity, others have little time or patience for that and savescumming is a perfectly valid way to enjoy a game you purchased and play in your personal time. It ultimately depends on how you personally have fun, part of X-Com's allure is that losing team members create emergent scenarios so you may lose some aspects of the game, but of course losing completely is also no fun either especially if you've done everything right but the dice rolls weren't in your favor.

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I have in the x-com for the 360. Great game.

I hate save scumming, but it's probably the only way to beat those missions flawlessly

Have a look at Valkyria Chronicles, I really liked it and there are Xcom similarities

Dude I save scum hardcore, I'm not proud but it's the only way I can manage lol. If you want recommendations though I've heard good things about Battletech

There are some Youtube channels where people play on legendary ironman. Not sure if they ever actually finish the game though.