You think that Mortal Kombat need a series or continue with movies?
I think that an animated series is the best option because you have more things to do with an animation and because it is a series you have more time to make every character shine.

I think a series would’ve been much better because the movie felt sooooo rushed

I hated Cole as a character in the movie, sucked so much lol.

I think they should leave it, it's never been more than a beatemup to me.

Have they made any money of it yet? It semester like the movies always flops

I think the series is DOA for awhile until another reboot. The movie just didn't create the fan response the studios we're hoping for. It got really close but I think they missed the marj with the new vole character. His power is basically invulnerability which is a total cop out in the MK universe.

a reboot would be helpful. The movie was dreadful