Your favorite nostalgic childhood video game?
Been playing some of these classic games recently during quarantine, and I must say Jurassic Park Operation Genesis is just gold.

What's yours?

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I got a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) and I played a lot of Desert Strike, Sonic (original), Dune 2 and Ecco the Dolphin. At the time the games that I dreamed about but I don't have a way to get were Micro Machines and the rest of the Sonic games.

i really loved playing sonic 3 with my brother, as tails, because i could die everytime, but didn't have any effect on the run. I remember when we finished it! it was so intense the final battle! it took like 3 hours to defeat robotinic and those 3 forms.
it's always gives me goosebumps remembering those days.

Battlefront for sure

I played a lot of Star Wars Rogue Squadron on my N64, also played quite a few Sonic games on my Genesis.

Doom 2 for me, probably shouldn't have been playing it when i was a kid but i did anyway and its still one of my favorites

Toejam & Earl

I really like the old school sims games for casual playing, but for something that requires more skill I like the old cods.

James Bond Goldeneye Rogue Agent

Mortal Kombat

Spongebob battle for bikini bottom. Couldn't get pass a fence of area in the tiki level so I clipped out of bounds to get there only to find that there was another fence blocking me inside

For me it's Pokemon Crystal. I can't get into the newer Pokemon games when I tried them but there's just something about the older games that make them enjoyable.

King's Quest V for reliving the glory days where if you didn't get the GOD DAMN SLED in the first town you're fucked and have to restart the entire game.

Tekken on playstation 1

always loved to play tony hawk underground on the ps2 with my dad

Sonic 1, streets of rage1, ristar. yess, ive got a megadrive  Smile

I've got a soft spot for Crystalis on the NES.
For the Genesis, Shadowrun. It's a little clunky but a good little action RPG.
Hm... I'm seeing a trend in my preferences. Tongue

Garry's Mod. Being able to mess around with ragdolls of my favorite characters was some of the most fun I had in just about any game.

KOTOR is pretty good, one of my favorite games, could do with a remaster tbh.

Moto Racer on the PS1