Your favorite way to watch a show ?
Do you prefer to binge watch or follow a series every week?
Personally I always love to follow week by week.

i used to prefer weekly but there's so much good stuff nowadays that i need to binge shows quickly and move on the next show.

and i don't like waiting for the next ep after a cliffhanger.

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Pretty much all shows I find that are worth watching are old so I download and watch em over the course of a few weeks.
Try to avoid binging cause it fucks up my lifestyle

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Binge. Once I get sucked in I can't stop. I need to know whats next

Either way is fine.
Binge if the show is good enough, otherwise a weekly episode is fine.

Binge but on weekend

I usually don't watch tv during the week because I feel guilty, so I think is better to enjoy them on the weekends

Binge is better

long show like breaking bad or got i see to episodes per day in this way you feel like the shows stick with you for long times and don't saturated your self

I don’t have a favorite way to watch series, sometimes I do watch it weekly but some others I watch all in one day or so, it depends in the time I have available.

I prefer watching a series form start to finish bc it is easier to follow all the nuances in the story.

I like watching movie with special food and some sort of softdrink

Trying to watch the whole series in a shortest possible period if it’s possible

Mostly just binge watching on the weekends.

If its an od show? One weekend, icecream, chips and im done. If its new i can handle one episode per week too.

I like to binge watchz but there is a benefit to follow episodically. But binging for sure