Your greatest sin
Aight so this is a blanket question and im nosy, what was the most sexually depraved thing you've ever done? Personally, ive groped someone whilst they slept. I felt guilty about it and confessed to her that only for her to tell me she was awake the whole time and didn't care at all (i confirmed it with her to make sure she wasn't just afraid years later, she really didnt care) Nothing ever came of it but we are very close friends still.

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Quote: Nothing ever came of it but we are very close friends still.
You, sir, are a lucky son of a bitch. She could've sent your ass to prison.
That being said... if she didn't care, then maybe it meant she wanted you to make a move on her.

My greatest sin? Putting up with the evil of women in the name of love.

I’ve groped someone whilst extremely drunk. She was on my bed passed out pretty much wearing a fucking cat costume so her ass was pretty much out. And she moved a bit and one of her tits popped out. So I couldn’t help myself but to play with it. I wanted to fuck her so badly right then and there. But I waited until she woke up the next morning and I made her breakfast and then we fucked ??