I'm genuinely interested as to why some people refuse to vaccinate without any medical reason. Like do they really believe its a computer chip?

Why are there flat earthers?

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probably not just a chip, there's a lot of reasons as they can get

I think most people have personal health concerns. Although I believe that most of the concerns are unfounded...

I call it natural selection

Pre-covid, I think there was a lot of misinformation and people stuck in idea bubbles, where they hear something that makes sense to them and then find a group that agrees with said thing, Once theyre in the group they just have this like positive feedback loop between them all, so its hard for reason to break through.

Post covid its the same thing, but now wrapped up in identity politics, where people asscioate their identity with what side of the isle your on.

i have no idea, think its mainly people who get their news from clickbait facebook articles and posts online with misinformation

It’s not a vaccine, it’s designed to kill/ depopulate it’s been known and written in hundreds of books for years

Vaccines is necessary for people who lives in towns, exposure to nature make your body build defenses. That said if your name is Tarzan or live like him you don't need vaccines, in any other case is necessary but if you want to risk your life go ahead.

I guess people just gets scared if the wrong thing (vaccine over the real sickness) so when they get the idea that vaccines are bad then it will be really hard to get them out of that, I can't really blame them but I still think that it's something silly.

In my country antivaxxers can go to the same place the America FC and their fans go... (f*** themselves)