can AI improve computer reduce need for upgrades?
...let us say you have some graphics card and then there is an AI program that shows it how to work better...does that mean your graphics card could work better by just dl-ing an ai prgram 4 it?...will this work with other things?

damn interesting question and I will look into it

AI currently requires training, it can't (yet) work things like that out for itself. If you trained it how to optimise code it might just be able to fix something that was already inefficient but I don't see it being able to work out things a human can't.

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....yea...this is what i think about AI...will get rid of repetitive tasks...prolly not create new stuff...but i saw the NVIDIA presentation...they say it makes the hardware mayb it can do new things already....

Probably not, at least ofr a while this is probably down the road