can you reccomand adult anime
i wanna see adult anime
can you reccomand?

death note, attack on titan, one piece

the promised neverland

Neon Genesis Evangelion.

At first glance, it's like classic meca thing, but in depth, this is fucking mature and awesome.

Go watch it, now.

You could actually look at Towa no Quon. Get's pretty dark and gritty sometimes and I'd definitely recommend the action.

  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes (OVA 1988-1997) (Remake 2018-) A great epic space opera with a conflict focused on a corrupt democracy fighting a enlightened despot. Recent remake not a bad adaptation but it is a bit rushed and only covers the first book of 10 original has covered all. My advice watch the two prequel films My Conquest is A Sea of Stars and Overture to a New War (skip the first two episodes of the main series if you do) then the original OVA, Gaiden and then the remake.
  • Psycho Pass (2012) A cyberpunk detective story and one of the better villains I have seen in anime. Has some interesting views on society mainly dealing with the issue of an over monitored state. I would say it’s like Minority Report if you have seen that movie.
  • Serial Experiments Lain (1998) Near future (for the late 90’s Sci Fi mystery. Good watch if you want something really atmospheric and strange. Some interesting forward thinking regarding the influence of tech (mainly mobile devices) and the internet. Also talks about existence and death.
  • Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (2016) Really good period drama about the art of rakugo (a form of theater/storytelling) and the various characters attempts to preserve it from the various hardships around them as well as use it as a source of confidence and identity.
  • Mushishi (2005) Ambient slice of life about a Mushishi a doctor who specializes in healing the afflicted of diseases usually caused by supernatural beings called Mushi.
  • Gankutsuou (2004) Sci Fi take on the classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo a classic revenge story.Very interesting visuals that are quite unique.
  • March Comes in Like A Lion (2016) Deals with a pro shogi player (Shogi is like chess though there are a few differences) dealing with depression and overcoming it. This one is another favorite but it’s a slower anime so just be open to the fact. It also has some wonderful side characters and can be quite funny at times. The shogi scenes are also really good even if you don’t know the rules since the focus is on the psychological battle between the two characters and Shaft really did a lot of great work on the imagery.
  • Vinland Saga(Upcoming 2019) Takes place in the early 11th century towards the end of the Viking Age. A story that can be summed up in one world STRUGGLE. Not just the violence but living day to day in unstable world. Deals with the realities of war, slavery and political chaos that defined Europe after the Fall of the Western Roman Empire. If the anime can adapt it right it definitely will be up there something to keep an eye on.

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Second Death Note + Attack on Titan
My hero academia

Dr. Stone is pretty good

Also forgot to mention parasyte is a classic too

Erased is pretty good

I recommend Re-Zero if you've already seen quite a few anime series, if not then probably something like Steins;Gate or Darling in the Franxx, if you liked Neon Genesis Evangelion

If you are looking for an anime with an adult humor, I recommend you Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Cowboy Bebop is an absolute classic. It's a mature anime that has aged extremely well.
The first season of Darker than Black is also amazing. The second season not so much.
Devilman Crybaby on Netflix can be bizarre at times but it's absolutely great.

#13 hyped for season 2 coming in the summer

Maaan, you gotta watch prison school. You will laugh your ass off.

The raising of shield hero is good
Code Geass is a classic, good mech fight scenes and great storytelling, the main character gets an ability to make anyone he makes eye contact with do one thing he commands.

Made in abyss ,Berserk, Another