cheap gigs with photoshop knowledge?
I'm pretty good with photoshop but it seems fivver is just full of people like me, wondering if anyone here makes any money via photoshop?

I used to make money back in 2012 through 2014, nowdays people take up courses and become an expert in photoshop hence for people like us who are mere freelancers, these are hard times Sad !

It's not easy, so much competition unless you've got connections - I think that's the main thing, build connections and even offer to do some stuff for free for some people.
Look at smaller towns and businesses that don't even have webpages, throw them a nice professional looking logo and maybe they'll pay for a website and pass on the word
that's how I started and then got hooked up with this marketing firm where you get massively overpaid for freelance work.

photoshop is een programma waarmee je fotos kunt maken.

druk op "fotograferen" om een fotograaf te maken. na dat je dit gedaan hebt kun je verder met stap 35.

stap 35: hoho das wel een hele grote stap he. groter dan mijn piemel zelfs. ongelofelijk. maar ja. de grote tieten van mijn zus komen als nog wel een keere langs geen zorgen!!!  Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink

maar ja nu wat je wilde weten. lekkere gesuikerede dropjes moeten wel in je mond anders proef je er niks van.

Agreed - hard to make money via graphics or graphics design nowadays.

Some sports teams should be on the lookout for good designers... some of the stuff some team social medias put out are awful

Market is wayy to saturated