copyright in music and youtube
how does copyright work in the music industry (particularly in spotify and youtube), like, why do random people can make playlists and upload artist songs while influencers can't use it?

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I've made videos before using copyrighted music. They just claim the ad revenue you would make from it so you just don't get paid. That or they delete the video. For me that's what happened at least.

I've heard from other vloggers that they're allowed to use a certain amount of seconds without being copyrighted or that they could choose to pay a fee to use it. Most of the times, I've noticed people are using song covers and not the actual song itself though. There's also some artists who allow their content for free use also.

Also wondering that

I'm pretty sure they just don't get ad revenue,  but some have the songs slightly altered to try and avoid copyright strikes.

Copyright sucks. It doesn’t seem fair to me.

i have never understood it

Randoms just make playlists for themself. When you buy music, you are only allowed to hear it by yourself. When you want to use copyright music, you must have a license who covers that. Thats why many creators use other services that provide them with copyright free music that is save to use in videos etc.