future of vr gaming
VR gaming never really took off and became a niche genre for the oculus, now with the announcement  of VR support for ps5, what do you guys think the future of VR gaming will look like?

I don't thinks it will become like Sao (sword art online) but i think it will become something who will impact the future of the gaming.

Perhaps when its cheaper and the gear lets you be more immersed with the use of more senses, like in reade player one with the suit that made you feel stuff

I like playing the oculus it is simple and fun. Haven’t played any other though

VR could've been awesome if they hadn't brought it out with horrible graphics and shitty games

It will completely revolutionize gaming

O belive at some point it will be indistinguishable from reality

Sword art online tech shit

VR as of right now is in every aspect amazing. Cant wait until the next bigger and better experience, and when high tech VR headsets are so mass produced anyone can buy them.