how many programmers here went to uni?
I dont know whether to go to uni or not because I feel I can learns a lot online and wont have to get into debt? thoughts are appreciated Smile

if you have a more effective way of signalling to prospective employers that you have the skills they want then do that - uni is just one option. just be careful of people trying to sell you worthless qualifications

It's tough to do without at least a bachelor degree. But I guess it depends on the kind of job you are searching for.
A lot now ask for master degree

I´d bet probably only ten percent or eventually even less.

Some companies require proof of a degree.  At least mine did.

Regardless of university, try get a portfolio of work together so an employer can see what you're capable of

It depends on what kind of job you're looking for. If you want to become a senior programmer it's highly recommended that you actually do get a degree at the very minimum, at least as a proof of your capabilities.

I did an apprenticeship of 3 years where you work in a company and go to school to study. In the end you have to go through an exam to become officialy certified.
From my point of view it is not necessary to get a degree - if you are only in for a bachelors degree, i think it's wasted time because these people often work on the same level as me.
It's better to get out there and get some experience in the field.

Going to university is not necessary to become a programmer, everything you need is on youtube but a lot of companys want the degree, so its up to you

I went to college and would recommend it. Where I come from, having a degree is very helpful for getting your foot in the door. While I think anyone with experience, smarts, and/or skills could do many programming jobs, I think it can be hard to get a chance if you don't have a degree. Plus, I think that getting a degree can be beneficial since you'll receive experience and training in other fields that might be relevant to you later and should generally expand your mind beneficially.

If I didn’t go to uni, I would have never figured out the fundamentals of programming. Now, I can basically pick up any language and get things running.