is cross-play good or bad?
seen a lot of heat on people getting angry because they think it’ll be unfair either against people with mouse and keyboard or aim assist, I dont think its a problem of its optional but would that mean server times would be slower?

10/10 you will hit someone when using a mouse and keyboard over a controller its only fair with simlar controllers are matched together

its awesome

the new CoD game did cross platform
i played at pc, and di'dn't notice a differente from people using mouse & keyboard and people using controller

it's deppends a lot on the game

i think crossplatform works better on coop games, like Portal 2, or racing games, like Rocket League (even it's a soccer/racing game)

depends a lot!

i would love to have more games as cross platforme, because i can play with more friends together!
but therre is a HUGE problem on the consoles and pc's, that is the update of the game!

to update a game, if I remember well, you need to pay a tax, and for the company, it's hard some times...
so they prefere launch PC updates first, test, and after sometime create a HUGE package and update the consoles, like Warframe

Monster Hunter World does the oposite, first on consoles, and after on the pc's

But i think it's because MHW was made for consoles and ported to pc, so they do some tests firsts

Warframe was made for pc and ported to the console.

It’s great I get to actually game with my friends while there ok there Xbox I’m on my pc

It's great if it's not a competitive game or a competitive game that requires no aim like a racing game for example, but with shooters it's 100% either unfair to the controller players if there's no aim assist and unfair to the kb/m players if there is.

There is no reason not to have it. Just give people the ability to opt-in to what platforms they want to play with so console users can avoid PC players if they wish. All the negatives are negatives for the companies, not the consumer.

Cross play is the future, it's the right call for any new game to go for it. The more people playing your game the better, it keeps it alive and active.

I´d say rather good, but I can accept other opinions on this topic as well

I would say if the player can turn it on and off then its good if not then no. Depends if its on shooter games too.

Playing on a pc is superior in every way. Cross play would be alright if console had higher FPS and no input delay but then they would be expensive as a pc

PC has a lot of advantages, but I still think cross play should be an option

IMO it's a little unfair. PC is easier to hack, aimbot... see what is happen in CoD Warzone

I sure cant think of any reason why it would be bad if u dont want it just dont play with it Big Grin

Its not only mouse or keyboard. 
But hackers! lots of console players hated it very much.

I think it is a great idea when a game has been released for a while. Allowing the few players who still play the game to matchmake more quickly.

I tend to dislike it, just because PC can have such a huge advantage due to resolution and load times.

console crossplay is fine. pc and console? doesnt make sense. the mouse and keyboard advantage is way too high to be playing with controllers

Between consoles seems like a great idea but between consoles and pc? The controls are so different I can't really see a way to properly make it fair for everyone.

i dont like it for FPS. console has autoaim f.e.