"myystar" the new onlyfans?
So Tyga is supposedly leaving onlyfans to start his own platform called "myystar" do you guys think it will be successful and replace onlyfans?

I don’t think they have a big enough following to surpass onlyfans. I don’t know who Tyga is but I can assume they wouldn’t be able to bring in any amount of people to make it replace onlyfans. I only say this because I don’t know who Tyga is but who knows, anything could happen ya know.

who the hell is tyga lmao ? Put some context in your posts ffs

Im sure it's going to we fine just like ninja when he left twitch for mixer....

Won't beat OF.

I don't know who Tyga is, but they better be a damn good IT administrator, and have enough money for multiple server farms worldwide, so that lag is near non-existant.

could be after porn ban onlyfan good as dead