reddit outage and outrage
...basically reddit is trying to keep all their info...they are charging a bunch of money to some other businesses who use their most people on reddit revolting...i dunno why..wut do u think?

tbh idc i'm not missing out anything

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Honestly the shit’s kinda annoying, Reddit’s been going downhill for a while now. It’s just people and businesses getting greedy.

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ive liked it...just didnt see problems until recently...few mods have lots of power

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Fuck reddit. Fuck reddit right in the ear. And that API is going to take all the power away from not only the few powermods in existence, but let the userbase choose their own mods. Reddit mods are known for being powerhungry fucks. I'm glad they're going to get fucked because of it.

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..thx for your thots on u think its basically about the mods in this case...that they are the 1s who r the most in favor of the API....

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The mods hate it because the API will take away their power, and will subject them to the will of each individual community.  It will also force them to interact with the community on a regular basis, which also forces them into the limelight.  It's also going to effectively limit them to one or two subs at the most  that they can moderate.  Lots of mods are going to get 86'd by the various communities as soon as it get implemented.

Basically, reddit mods, despite being free workers, are addicted to the power they think they have over each sub-reddit.  It's so bad that it's a meme.  The mods screaming the loudest are the ones that are afraid of being voted out by their communities.   There was one who posted how he was a shepard to the flock of his sub-reddit, when all he does is clean up spam.

All in all, I can't wait for this API to be implemented.