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While I think a lot of people are pretty happy about that, I think most people are worried about not getting paid.

Unfortunately I work for myself so while I'm not working I'm not getting paid but on the plus side i can get alot of jobs sorted

I think most people who work tedious jobs only do it for the money

I know exactly what you mean im so thankful I have an excuse not to look for a job lmaoo.

I was happy at first now im just bored

Luckily my job isn't effected at all and my income stays intact. But I cannot say the same for hundreds of millions people worldwide. If you watch some news, many people have it incredibly hard during this pandemic. People lost their job, confined to their home all day-long, can't get treatments because hospitals are overcrowded, fear for their elder's life. So yes, it's good for you that you are able to enjoy this pandemic. Many are not as lucky as you are.

Initially I was pleased to have a break. But now I feel that as what I can do on this break is heavily restricted, I'd be happy to have my work routine back

its aleight but not going out is boring so id rather work and earn money instead of doing nothing

not so much, it’s tedious to just stay home without being able to go out

It's always better to not work if you have the money to enjoy life. Else you're working through this pandemic like me.

Pretty bad for me since I'm unemployed. Very poor flow of income especially in quarantine. Although I do get online work from time to time. Odd jobs here and there.

If you have money and haven't been laid off, yeah it's great, but many don't and still have to work.

no, i need to work to get paid to live. unemployment is stressful and i can't wait for my furlough to be over

I'm sure most people can appreciate the extra time, but what makes it hard is some people literally live pay-check to pay-check, and even if they had a little savings, this is almost a full month of no wages now.

It’s hard for many people as they live paycheck to paycheck, and the unemployment system in many systems is extremely outdated and obsolete

Firstly i was happy but now I'm bored Sad

I was excited to be working during the quarantine because it was going to be different but circumstances changed and I'm on call now. I'm trying to find the discipline to be productive.

I feel lucky to have so much money saved for a rainy day.