sports to recommend in quarantine time?
Hey guys,
since football, tennis, hockey etc. can´t be watched anymore, is their any live broadcasting of sports that you´d recommend right now? (or during the next two weeks)

I can't think of any major sports which are happening at the moment - would be interested to know if there are any

i watch a bunch of reruns of good nfl games

The best thing to do is watch old seasons of new sports you haven’t watched before

I'm pretty sure Korean baseball is live now, could try to find a few streams of it!

Bowling? Or just rewatch some old classics from NBA and NFL

E-sports if you're into it? Otherwise re-runs of 90's nba

No live sports but there's a lot of boxing and ufc fights on youtube that you can watch totally free.

If you don't know any of the new fighters you can watch the older fights. I was just watching some Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr fights.