talking to yourself
have you also noticed that since corona you start to keep talking to yourself or mumbling stuff out loud more and more? may be the lack of interaction with other people but oh boy, i started talking to myself and i feel like im getting bonkers.

I haven’t started talking to myself but it does make sense that COVID might be the cause of it

I thought I was aloneeee that’s crazy

oh yeah. im going crazy lol

Everyone's gone crazy from coronachan I think. Sometimes it helps to talk to yourself so that you can pretend to be a third person to yourself and think things out.

I thinks it's normal. Just call your friends or family and talk to them

Self talk is a normal coping mechanism especially for anxiety or you're just trying to solve a problem and you want to verbalize your actions, it only becomes an issue if your self talk is negative.

I talk to myself all the time lol

talk to myself my whole life. probably because i have no irl friends anymore, or siblings i'm super close to. i'd rather talk to myself than have my mind going 160 miles a minute, though. that shit is aggravating

I like to be alone for the most part so I usually do talk to myself. Most of the time it's in my head but if I want to make myself laugh or other people I do it out loud. Just like if someone asks me to watch their stuff I'll take a look at it and go "stay" andake myself chuckle.

I also have a comeback if anyone questions me about talking to things, I go "yeah it's not that weird. It's when they talk back that it's a problem"

I find talking to myself to be therapeutic tbh, and it helps me think more of what to say to others.

Was like that since I was 7 or smth. No problems here.

Yeah i just gave up on life lol

it's fine really, sometimes it helps me to organise my thoughts or calms me down. Why not? Smile