video card upgrade advice
I have an RTX 2060 ( not super ) , i've seen a lot of hype about the new 3060 that's coming out, is it worth to start saving up for the upgrade?
i play cyberpunk 2077, is it worth it? or waste of money?

I think buying any GPU's at the moment is a waste of money. Due to the silicon shortage as a result of the Pandemic, it has drove prices up and a shortage in the market.
As for the specs, it all depends on Ray Tracing. Do you absolutely need to have Ray Tracing when you play Cyberpunk?
The RTX 2k series is notorious for laggy Ray Tracing but this is expected since it was NVidia's cards to introduce the new feature. Always wait a generation if NVidia is pushing hard on a new feature.
If money is no option, go pick one up. If you are a sensible shopper, wait on it until prices drop. I would actually skip the 3060 and goto something more powerful like a 3060 Ti or at least a 3070. Will last you longer.

RTX 3060 doesn't give a significant performance boost over the 2060 imo. The 3060 Ti is quite a bit faster though, but its out-of-stock (just like everything else). Either way RTX 2060 is still a very capable card in 2021.

The 20 series cars are still good and reliable and don’t get bad because new 30 series came out. With how things are in the market and 20 series might be the way to go

Late reply but I heard cyberpunk wasn't worth it.