what’s one thing you’re always willing to pay the extra price for?
[size=1]Winter tires or tires in general for me what about yall?[/size]

I think really good food or internet. I would pay extra for either but in my area it seems that I can't get good ISP's or takeout.

Toilet paper. I will never buy the cheap stuff. I guess your butthole can adjust to the grades of sand paper that is the cheaper stuff

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Has to be shoes. Cheap ones with no support will wreck your knees and feet and cause injuries over the long term.

Good music, supporting musicians is important in todays digital age

Finding something not made in China/India/SE Asia, but made in the USA, Germany, or Japan. Especially with car parts.

Things that are localy produced. Also sometimes travelling in first class

Sex. Premium Pussy ??

everythign that comes from within

Watching Cristiano Ronaldo playing for my team

Sport events. It's all about the full experience, not just the game

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