what do you think of people who are in a polyamorous reletionship?
It seems to be one of those taboo topics that will end up becoming mainstream

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Being in an exclusive relationship reduces the chance that your emotional (and sometimes finical) security is safe. Declaring a partnership with a label comes from a fear that it can be easily broken by an outsider. However, if you accept that love isn't something that can be controlled or contained, that people and their feelings can chance, I can see that polyam would be a more emotionally mature state. But thats so long all parties communicate without deception to theirselves or others about their intent. I had a friend who's SO wanted to be in an open relationship but it turned out to be just an excuse to cheat on them without feeling so bad about it.

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Are you referring to actual polyamourous, when one sex partner has several partners of the opposite sex, or are you referring to open relationships, where both partners can have sex with other persons not in the relationship?

Seems too difficult to balance

Not my cup of tea. Dont have a problem we people wanting to do it mutually but i doubt most of the time that both people want it. One wants and one just says ok because they dont want them to leave them.

Fine with people who want it and are capable of making it work

Quote: Fine with people who want it and are capable of making it work
How many people actually can make it work? Most people I know have a hard time with one partner.