what's going to happend to Tesla after Chine starts exporting electric cars?
I don't think that people in the US is interested in chinese electric cars, but maybe in other parts of the world the outcome could be different

This assumes that the Chinese electric cars don't spontaneously combust.

Cars seem to be an area where Chinese manufacturing hasn't taken over in the way it has in other areas. Most car companies seem to be European, American or Japanese- pretty high income countries. So I wouldn't be too worried. I wonder if for very expensive, high-tech (or at least very complex to manufacture) products such as cars, the advantage of low labour costs is less of a factor, so factories in richer countries aren't outcompeted in the way they are for cheap mass-produced goods, and the advantage of having more education and capital gives them the edge.
It seems like this would all be the same for electric cars.
That said, I'm sure the Chinese car industry will keep growing, but I'm not worried about it driving tesla and other western carmakers out of business in the way globalised manufacturing did for a lot of industries. It'll probably just compete alongside them.

Cheaper Teslas!