what's the best vpn out there?
that doesn't keep logs on you, heard there's a few.

I use nordVPN as they have a lot of servers all over the world.
I highly suggest not using a free vpn

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expressvpn are pretty good and claim to not keep logs

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Nord and Express are very good options. Just don't use a free vpn. They're barely better than nothing.

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I use NordVPN.

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I personally love DotVPN

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Ive been using NordVPN but honestly i think expressvpn is much better. A lot more reliable and safe

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The best VPN is NordVPN. There's a couple of accounts you can get for cheap and it provides decent security.

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express vpn seems to be your best bet, but it's gotten pretty big and widespread so that might be an added turn-off due to the shit a big company would do to keep tabs on all its customers. 

not very sure tbh, a lot of this is speculation.

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nord vpn fo sho

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I use Nord VPN for torrenting for almost a year. And there are no copyright claims from my ISP (if you know what I mean Wink
Also, it keeps no logs and located in Panama which has very loyal legislation. And the price is ok

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Ive heard Windscribe is good but idk for what exact use cases. Im honestly not sure what service a VPN provides because I use betternet on occasion and I doubt it really provides any privacy

On that note, can someone give me a rundown and the pros of using a VPN and what for exactly

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You can give NordVPN a shot

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I also second NordVPN.. but always wary of the popular ones. Just a little paranoid i guess

Look into the torVPN

I’d stay away from vpns, not really secure

I just started using nordVPN

If you are looking for a free VPN, try Proxy Master by Hotspot VPN Lab

Nord VPN

There are a lot of nordvpn account generators out there

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I use Nord. Just never use a free one

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