why do people get so emotional about pinneaple in pizza?
I've seen people having heated discutions about this trivial topic, why do people even bother to debate about it?

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they r cringy

I like pineapple on my pizza. "In" the pizza would be weird.

One of the ones unnecessary.

Huh, never seen these heated arguments before. Though personally I don't like pineapple on pizza.

It's one of those "haha so random xd" things

Pizza is so delicious. People r serious about their za!

That and anchovies

The reason they argue is because pizza is more than pizza: it's an emotional object to everyone. Pizza is one of those foods that aren't just a food, but a part of everyone's life, and so most everyone has this huge emotional attachment to it. And pineapple is one of those toppings that either you love it or hate it. Pizza makes people both realliy happy and irrational. Just like sex.

t.former pizza worker. People go fucking insane when their pizza isn't right or hot enough.

I don’t know, I mean if you like it good, and if you don’t good too, I don’t see why people discuss about this a lot.

It is pretty awful imo. But getting upset over it is ridiculous

I like arguing about nonsense, but some people take things too far

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sweaty ruins the pizza. terrable

Imagine having a best friend that likes extra pineapple on pizzas.

Pineapple on pizza depends on the context. With ham? Go for it. With a pesto base? Get out of here.

I never understood it myself, everyone has preferences, it does go good with a few things like ham or pepperoni, pretty much anything nice a salty to bring out and contrast its sweetness pairs well together. There are some weird pizzas out there and people do tend to harp on the pineapple a lot more then others

i like pinneaple pizza idw why people think its weird?

I know people say sweet and savory is a "thing" but it just doesn't do it for me. Doesn't work for pizza and doesn't work for chinese food, in my opinion. I'm happy just keeping the savory stuff savory
As for why people get so heated about it, idk. I'd probably get annoyed if someone ordered a pizza to share but asked for pineapple pizza. Eat that shit on your own

I think often its just meming. If you like it, youre on the one side. If not on the other. And then the fight of good vs evil begins. For me its quite amusing to watch. Sick

just for jokes