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why do people like golf?

I don't think it's a fun sport but it seems quite popular, so why do people like it?
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Good question, i also don't see the appeal of golf, it's mostly a sport for rich people
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It's really boring

It's dull as hell to watch, but actually not too bad to play. Think of playing golf as more of a day out, rather than a game. You're spending a few hours outside and doing something fun, often with other people as a social activity. It's more comparable to a walk in the countryside than an intense sport, like a football or tennis match. So it's a bit less exciting, but enjoyable in its own way.

better baseball than golf

I ask myself that question as well. I like going to the driving range or mini golf, but I cant see myself doing 18 holes

I don’t now
It’s amazing

It's for rich people

If golf were a pizza topping, it would be anchovies.

It's impossible to master and you can play into your 70s/80s

It trains your brain a lot

good way to get outside

prob its relaxing too

It's a game where the goal is to lose points, something most people are very adept at doing.

Its not a good spectator sport, you have to play it to enjoy it