Any home cooks here?
So during the quarantine I've been picking up some recipes and trying to cook for myself more often now. I've been cooking a lot of Korean dishes lately, i've been absolutely addicted to spicy tofu stew. What kinds of cuisines do you guys cook at home?

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Have you seen the youtube couple that does quick easy korean recipes? I forgot their namess fuckkkk

I usually watch bon apet6 and recreate their shit

I do korean food aswell the sheer variety of dishes you can make just from a few ingredients like gochujang and gochugaru is amazing. not to mention you will only buy these things like once every 3 months at most

I haven't gotten into korean cooking in particular yet, but I've been trying out lots of chinese and japanese style dishes lately. I dislike recipes though so I've really just been buying new ingredients and playing around with them, imo being creative is a more engaging way to learn a new style of cooking than just following directions

Give us your korean stew recipe

Tomato feta oven pasta. That shiet tastes so fricking good.

Chicken pho and thai curry both highlights for me.

Game changer was learning how to make pizza at home, though. If you're interested check out the no-knead method and/or babish pizza videos on youtube. Definition of perfection in simplicity

I make a mean pot of spaghetti, brother

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Cool. korean has been one i've been wanting ti try for a long while. I mostly make authentic TexMex, north Mexican, and Southern US and Italian American. NHv any questions on those, feel free to message me or to reply and I'll hit u guys bk when I see it.

I'm a picky eater in the first place, so when I find a recipe I really wanna try it really gets me going. I mostly like potato related dishes or breakfast stuff, but I can cook just about anything as long as I have a good recipe to follow. Like I made Binging with Babish's one pot lasagna and got nothing but compliments even though I didn't have any of it

I think you should try one of those meal services once a month (Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc). It's not super expensive if you only get it that often and you can use it as a way to broaden your horizons both in cuisine types and cooking techniques.

Check out Kenji Lopez Alt on YouTube. He's made a better home cook out of me than any cooking network show ever could

Pizza al Pecorino Tartufo i San Daniele

Molto molto buono

Loads of pasta! all ways and all kinds :#

i wnat, so hard  Shy

Pasta dishes are my main both classic italian style or with a japanese twist