Bleach Anime
Does anyone on here still watch Bleach anime. Old series but still awesome

yes it starts good but does not have a complete or well thought out ending

the art style just got really atrocious in the later episodes. turned me off from the series.

Always wanted to but I kept hearing of terrible fillers and the art quality going down, which is expected of shonen anime. Figure I might just wait until a video game comes out that covers it all (or a small series that covers it in a few parts like the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series)

It's always so sad to see a good shonen start well and then get loads of filler and animation issues the longer it goes on

Loved watching it right after naruto as a kid

Heard there was gonna be a special or something coming up. Hoping it's tied to The Thousand-Year Blood War

should watch Yu Yu Hakusho if you're into bleach. oldie but goldie

This went under my radar it seems, never watched it, soon to be corrected. Thanks.

Started watching it years ago but stopped at the end of german dub. IDK didn't catch me like other shounen Anime (Dragonball, One Piece etc.)

But tbh I'm not really a fan of shounen Anime in generel nowadays.

The ending is pretty lame, too bad the author rushed it

Loved the early stories, but bleach suffers from the same problem a lot of shonen manga/anime do, where you have to keep powering up the protagonist and then the antagonist until its gotten to the point where everyone is super stupid powerful that a sneeze could eradicate entire universes and you start to wonder why none of these baddies were a threat early on in the show and how the early badass characters could have ever been considered badass.

Good but too many fillers!

maybe ill watch after finish one piece

I watched it when I was younger. I liked the naming in Spanish. Grande and menos. Los lobos.

bleach was so f'ing cool when i was younger wish it was stable

its not that great tbh

If the filler arcs hadn't been in the middle of the actual arcs i would have loved it more, not that I hated it but god that shit was irritating. The manga on the other hand got ruined by the fact that they just kept rushing the man and he just went "fuck it end it however." save your time and don't even read that shit.

there are rumours of it coming back

Started but never finished. The amount of episodes was a turn off but may give it another go