Borderlands 3 - worth buying 4 for me and my mates?
I haven't got epic games launcher but noticed its on steam.. What do we think, is it as good as BL2 for Co op action? It's been out a while now so I'm assuming it has a chunk of free updates but couldn't really find anything substantial online


Id buy it, its a fun series no doubt

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This is a really great game and I recommend getting it and playing it! I don't understand why this game isn't popular, like c'mon Borderlands is a MASTERPIECE, the games are great (like the Halo Series and the Super Smash Bros Series)! I know this is kinda stupid but, one time I was looking up videos to watch on YouTube but then I saw a thumbnail going like "Duhhhh batman x fortnit = good and borderlunds x fortnit - buud uhh" WHILE BATMAN AND FORTNITE MAKE NO SENSE TOGETHER WHILE BORDERLANDS AND FORTNITE DO (just to let you know i hate fortnite and like minecraft so please don't hate on me). I even didn't like the borderlands series back then, but when this game came out, I just started LIKING the series. If you don't play Borderlands 3, your 99.9999999% a fortnite liker.

Great game, especially if you have a good group of friends to play with

Maybe, I have played a few times it is a decent game

Great coop game!

It is definitely a fun game

it is fun and worth a purchase but the story is meh, plus buy it on steam do not buy on the epic store.

i played it solo but still enjoyed it, would recommend